Kindy Crunch Time!

Kindy Crunch Time!

Assalamu alaikum and welcome to term 3. For those of you whom had children in kindergarten last year you know that term 3 becomes ‘crunch time’ for kindergarten. We begin to combine the first semesters learning in order to allow us to read and write complete sentences, extract information and problem solve in maths and build upon our understanding in the other subjects i.e science, geography, PDH, etc.

This term also looks quite busy in terms of activities as we have gymnastics for sport, our community excursion, EID Al-Adha celebration (including our staged Hajj), a police visit, Aunty Enid visit (Aboriginal representative) and if we are lucky to have our Sally the Scientist visit (In sha Allah). So please stay well connected on seesaw and check your students bag regularly for notes.

The homework this term will be more straight forward and needs to be completed regularly. As with our homework policy, Kindergarten (starting term 3) are now being marked and recorded on the completion of their homework. These marks are put in on Friday (i.e 0 for not complete, 1 – partially complete, and 2 – fully complete). If there is any reason why they cannot hand it in please let me know and I will accommodate.

Lastly, our library day has changed from Thursday to Wednesday and kindergarten will start borrowing next week. Thank you to everyone for returning your books before the end of term 2 it made the process a lot easier when going through our borrowing history over the holidays.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend *Ms Nikki*


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