Read it Up Class Pearl!

Read it Up Class Pearl!

Assalamu Alaikum!
Year 1 and 2 have had a very exciting start to the new term. They have been really engaged in learning after coming back from the holidays which is wonderful. This term we are focusing a lot on reading. Your children will have been bringing home-readers home every day. Each time they bring them back to class they get a stamp which is part of a reward system. The students have also begun borrowing books from the library. Each Monday they should bring back their library folder ready again to choose a book on Tuesday.

Our theme for Visual Arts this term is creation which matches with our science and geography lessons. Our first activity was to create a desert themed reading area. The students made some camels and palm trees and painted a desert background. We also added a white tent and some cushions to fit in with the theme. The students love to hear books read in that area, especially by Yusuf the Sheep who is the class puppet. Thank you for your continued support at home with the home readers and homework.

Ms Clare.


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