Enthusiastic Emerald

Enthusiastic Emerald

I am very impressed with the class progress in all Key Learning areas. The art work that is being produced is beyond expectations. A glimpse of the students’ art work is available for viewing on Seesaw.

The students continue to astound me with the progress in the formatting of an information report and a narrative. These text types are being studied this term and have been approached by all with great enthusiasm and commitment for improvement and expansion of their prior knowledge.
3 / 4 Emerald was this week awarded the Class of the Week award, for the second time this term. I couldn’t be prouder of each students’ commitment to be the best person they can be and give everything a go.

Thank you to all the parents for encouraging their children to complete their homework to a high standard and return it each Friday.
There a two assessment projects to be completed at home this term. The first is a History project, the paperwork has already been sent with your child, this is due back to school by Friday the 16th March 2018. The second project is a science assessment with the paperwork to be sent home this Friday. They are assessments and as such is to be completed solely by the student.

I am looking forward to a dynamic and fun filled remainder of this term.
Regards, Ms Catherine


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