Join our quest for excellence and become a part of our team. Great schools need great teachers and support staff with a desire to shape the lives of our future generations. If you have the drive, passion, commitment and enthusiasm to be a part of this entrusted journey we will be delighted to receive your application!

What you need to apply?

1. Qualifications:Ā  Applicants applying for teacher positions must posses the formal qualifications for these positions, please make sure your qualification is certified and recognised in Australia before submitting your application.

2. Islamic Ethos:Ā Applicants must demonstrate positive support and accept to comply with the Islamic ethos at New Madinah College.

3. Guidelines:Ā Applicants should read the ‘Staff Dress Guidelines’ and ‘Staff Code of Conduct’Ā publications, found in the ‘Policies’ section, before applying.

4. Submit Application: Submit an application by completing the application form below, attach a CV if applicable to the position you are applying for.


Although there are no current vacancies available at the moment, please don’t hesitate to send through your resume for review.


Please email you CV to: admin@nmc.nsw.edu.au. Once received you should expect a response from our representatives within 3 business days.