What type of awarding system is used at New Madinah College?

At New Madinah College, we use an annual tiered award system. The goal for your child would be to achieve the highest possible award which is the ‘Platinum Award’. This system works to encourage our students to try and beat their personal best each year!

5 Star cards = Merit Certificate,

5 Merits = Bronze Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Bronze + 5 Merits = Silver Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Silver + 5 Merits = Gold Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Platinum Certificate & Platinum Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary) awarded to students whom have achieved a Gold status and meet the specific criteria’s set by the Principal.

NOTE: A Teacher’s Award = 5 Star cards


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