IT and Infrastructure Manager

Welcome! I’m Evan Connell, and I have had the privilege of being a part of the computer industry for over 30 years. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work in 27 countries, gaining valuable experiences and insights into diverse technological landscapes. My specialties lie in networks and security, websites, and search engine optimization.

Having traversed various corners of the globe, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the incredible advancements in technology and adapt to different cultures and work environments. This exposure has shaped me into an adaptable and resourceful professional, capable of tackling complex challenges with ease.

While my technical expertise centers around networks and security, I am driven by a passion for using technology to make a positive impact in society. One of my proudest accomplishments has been developing education systems tailored for individuals with disabilities and juveniles in the justice system. These innovative solutions have empowered these individuals to access education, acquire valuable skills, and find personal growth.

Currently, I am excited to be working at New Madinah College, where my role involves repairing and developing the institution’s internet and network infrastructure. It is my responsibility to ensure a reliable and secure digital environment that supports the college’s educational goals and facilitates seamless connectivity for all students and staff.

But my involvement goes beyond technical tasks. I am passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge with the students at New Madinah College. Education is a powerful tool, and I firmly believe in equipping the next generation of technology enthusiasts with the skills and expertise they need to excel in the digital age. Through teaching and mentorship, I strive to ignite their passion for technology and inspire them to explore the vast possibilities within the field.

My journey in the computer industry has been defined by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to contribute to society, and I am excited to continue making strides in the field. By leveraging my experience, expertise, and dedication to education, I aim to make a lasting impact at New Madinah College and beyond.

I look forward to the journey ahead, working with the talented students and staff at New Madinah College, repairing and developing their internet and network infrastructure, and sharing my knowledge to help shape the future of technology.