About this store…

This store is not part of the New Madinah College website. Its an entirely new sub component specifically designed by the students of years 7 and 8 Technology.

Welcome to the New Madinah College Shop, where creativity and innovation converge! Our online store features an exclusive tote bag, designed by the talented students in years 7 and 8. This winning design, chosen from a rigorous Technology assessment, represents the best of our students’ creativity and skills.

By purchasing this unique tote bag, you not only acquire a stylish accessory but also contribute directly to our school’s progress. Your support helps sponsor the purchase of robots for the upcoming term, enabling our students to engage with cutting-edge technology and enhance their learning experience.

Join us in celebrating creativity, purpose, and community at New Madinah College. Grab the winning tote bag today and be a part of our journey towards innovation and excellence!