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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school offer extra-curricular sporting programs?

Yes! The school offers 2 extra-curricular sporting programs per year. The chosen sports are changed each year, ranging from


  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Parkour
  • Basketball

What type of awarding system is used at New Madinah College?

At New Madinah College, we use an annual tiered award system. The goal for your child would be to achieve the highest possible award which is the ‘Platinum Award’. his system works to encourage our students to try and beat their personal best each year!

5 Star cards = Merit Certificate,

5 Merits = Bronze Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Bronze + 5 Merits = Silver Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Silver + 5 Merits = Gold Certificate & Badge (Primary) Medallion (Secondary),

Platinum Certificate & Platinum Badge (Primary)

Medallion (Secondary) awarded to students whom have achieved a Gold status and meet the specific criteria’s set by the Principal.

NOTE: A Teacher’s Award = 5 Star cards

Does the school offer support programs for struggling students?

Yes! The school caters for students of all academic levels offering support programs as well as extension programs. Contact the school office for more information.

What grades does New Madinah College offer?

New Madinah College caters for all grades Kindergarten to Year 10.

What are the school tuition fees?

Our school fees are as follows per term:

1st Child – $300.00
2nd Child – $150.00
3rd Child – $100.00
4th+ Child – $50.00.

There is also a one-off $20 per child enrolment fee payable on enrolment.

What are the schooling hours?

The morning bell rings at 8.55am whereupon students assemble for the morning assembly and the school day concludes at 3:10pm.