Mr Sayed A.H. Fakroodeen

Mr Sayed was the principal at New Madinah College until recently.

Sayed has more than 25 years’ experience in the international business and education sectors which has developed and refined his skills in strategic planning, management, administration, marketing, teaching, research, recreational needs, wellbeing and community engagement. Over the years, he has managed the compilation of accurate periodic finance and investment reports for senior management teams, boards, and various committees. Amongst his various qualifications, Sayed holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Graduate Diploma of Management (Educational Leadership & Management).

Prior to being appointed principal at New Madinah College, Sayed has worked in multiple Islamic schools in Australia which includes Unity Grammar College (Sydney) as well as ILIM College and Al Siraat College in Melbourne. He worked in Western Sydney University as well. He has a passion for innovation, creativity and driving change. Sayed recognises that the journey of New Madinah College has just commenced and is looking forward to working with the College community to further develop the College into an institution that fulfils its strategic objectives.

During his tenure at New Madinah College, Mr. Sayed has made significant contributions to the growth and enhancement of the institution. Under his leadership, the college has experienced notable improvements and expansions.

Mr. Sayed’s strategic vision and effective management skills have played a vital role in guiding the college towards greater success. Through his innovative ideas and initiatives, he has implemented positive changes that have positively impacted the college community.

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