I am a committed support educator at New Madinah College since 2017, specialising in children’s educational support.. I play a vital role in aiding the development and growth of young learners.

I am a passionate and dedicated support educator at New Madinah College, where I have been an integral part of the team since 2017. With my profound knowledge and expertise in children’s educational support, holding a Certificate IV in Children’s Educational Support, I play a crucial role in facilitating the growth and development of young learners.

My journey at New Madinah College reflects my commitment to ensuring every child’s progress, learning, and overall well-being. My role encompasses providing tailored support to students, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment, and collaborating closely with teachers and parents to enhance educational outcomes.

My passion for seeing children flourish extends beyond the classroom. I actively engage in professional development opportunities to stay updated with best practices in educational support, ensuring that I can offer the highest quality of assistance to students.

In my role, I embody patience, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of children. My dedication and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the holistic development of students at New Madinah College, making me an invaluable member of the educational community.