In the latest session, Kindergarten and Year 1 students had the opportunity to collaborate with their older peers from Years 5 and 6, resulting in creativity, learning, and friendship.

Students eagerly gathered around to explore the art of tie-dyeing, each expressing their unique creativity through vibrant patterns and colour combinations. From choosing the colours to carefully folding and tying the fabric, every step required patience and attention to detail.

Through this hands-on experience, students learned the value of patience as they waited for their creations to dry and reveal the final outcome. This aspect of the activity was particularly beneficial, as it taught them the importance of perseverance and delayed gratification – a valuable lesson in today’s fast-paced world.

Moreover, the Buddies Session served as a platform for developing communication skills. As students worked together on their tie-dye shirts, they engaged in meaningful conversations, exchanged ideas, and collaborated to achieve their desired results. This collaborative environment not only strengthened their communication abilities but also fostered a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among peers from different age groups.

The success of the tie-dye shirt activity was evident in the smiles and sense of accomplishment on the faces of all participants.

The Buddies Session at New Madinah College continues to be a cherished tradition, bringing students together to learn, grow, and build lasting friendships across year levels. It is through such meaningful experiences that students not only acquire essential life skills but also develop a sense of community and belonging within the school environment.