Ms. Houda is a compassionate educator who thrives on helping children who may be too shy to ask for assistance. With a warm and nurturing approach, she creates a supportive environment where every child feels valued and understood.

Ms. Houda’s passion for teaching extends beyond academics; she believes in nurturing the whole child, fostering their confidence and encouraging them to embrace challenges with resilience. Her dedication to helping shy children find their voice and excel in their learning journey is truly inspiring.

In her free time, Ms. Houda finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, like admiring rainbows. These colourful delights reflect her vibrant personality and positive outlook, which she brings into her interactions with students, colleagues, and the wider community.

With Ms. Houda’s guidance, children blossom into confident readers, embracing their unique talents and reaching their full potential. She is not just an educator but a mentor, ally, and friend to those under her care.