Ms. Sarah Hamdan has been a cherished member of our New Madinah College family for the past two years!

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education and is the proud mother of two beautiful children of her own. Her personal experience as a loving parent adds a special dimension to her teaching style, creating a warm and nurturing environment in her classroom.

With a heart full of care and empathy, Sarah is deeply committed to her students’ growth and development. She takes great joy in witnessing her young learners flourish and thrive.

Outside the classroom, Sarah enjoys savoring coffee and pasta, her absolute favorites! She also values quality time with her family, sharing precious moments together. Her favorite colour is green, which reflects her love for nature and growth.

We are truly fortunate to have Ms. Sarah Hamdan as an integral part of our educational community, where she shares her wisdom, passion for education, and her wonderful personality with us all.