Secondary School Academics

Secondary School is a place where students grow emotionally, physically and mentally into young men and women ready to exit school and make a difference in their society. It is a place where students are taught, supportedĀ and mentoredĀ by a dedicated team of teachers determined to make a success of the future generations. It is during this stage of learning that educators transition their teachingĀ programs and styles to help prepareĀ student’s for the reality of challenges theyĀ will face in the ‘real world’.

In the early stages of secondary school, students are exposed to a range of speciality subjects every term, giving them a taste of the various opportunities this world has to offer. This enables students to make informed decisions, based on their own individual interests, skills and talents, about theĀ subjects they want to choose as electives and specialise in during the later stages of Secondary School and after theirĀ graduation.

Although textbooks areĀ vitally important in teaching students technical and vocational skills, there is so much more about Secondary School thanĀ the material studentsĀ learn in class. Communicating, listening, note-taking, and information processing skills as well as embracing diversity, tolerance and building relationships, are some of the priceless skills that will help students as they transition from school to universityĀ or start working on theirĀ careers.

In many ways, secondary education is a bridge for young people from the world of school to the world ahead.